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Coffee Roasters Milwaukie, OR

Ever since 2012, Blind Coffee Roasters has been Milwaukie, Oregon's premier, one-of-a-kind coffee roaster! Order our coffees and immerse yourself (and your nose and tastebuds) into some of the best selections of premium quality coffee in the area. No matter what you prefer, we have the perfect coffee for you. Call our roastery or go online to place an order today!

We Make Great Coffee Easy...

While we call ourselves Blind Coffee Roasters, our coffee helps you start your day on a visibly clearer note. To us and our owner, it's not how a cup of coffee looks, but how it smells and tastes. Our owner loves coffee so much and roasted it for so many years, that he claims he can do his job while blindfolded. He roasts beans from the world's leading coffee regions, including Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. Once you taste one of our coffees, your mind will clear up, and you just may become a coffee lover like our owner himself.

What Makes Our Gourmet Coffee So Special?

  • We're a 12-time metal winning roaster.
  • We are a local and independent coffee roaster in Portland and Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • We carry specialty coffees for wholesalers.
  • We sell coffee from all over the world!
  • We donate to non-profits regularly.

Monthly Subscription

With either our gold or platinum monthly subscriptions, several pounds of our private selection coffee will be delivered to your door each month. Our selection includes some of our most famous single origin and coffee coffees. Sign up today!

Order Now

We've been making coffee better since 2012 and Portlanders love us! To see why people love our coffees, order yourself some today! You may also call (503) 969-9873 or fill out our form down below if you have any questions.

Send us a message for a FREE coupon code or to inquire about wholesale orders.

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